Pregnancy Announcement

We are almost 12 weeks and this past Monday during the middle of the day I started bleeding really bad. After a stay in the ER they said it was a very small tear under the placenta but the baby and everything looked great. I'm on bed rest till this weekend. This weekend is also when we were going to hand out our pregnancy annoucements to friends and family. I feel somewhat hesitant until we meet with the doctor next Wednesday(she felt no need to move up the appointment because I had no pain involved, the bleeding stopped the same day, and the baby was still doing great). Everyone would be together this weekend and no matter how things turn out good or bad everyone will eventually be told anyway. 
My husband is very supportive but he still doesn't really understand since he is not the one pregnant. So I guess I'm just looking for input, advice, or some friendly guidance.
And to also share the announcement I put together.