Should I?

So I live in an apartment with my husband. Now I do realize that because it is an apartment that there will always be some sort of noise from the other neighbors but we have been dealing with the people in #1 blasting their music since we moved in at the beginning of December of last year. It is so bad that our pictures are litterally buzzing on the walls in the living room because of it. I know 2 of our neighbors have called the manager multiple times for the same reason and the manager just calls them and then 2 days later it starts up again. My husband and our neighbor in #5 work nights so it is very annoying and upsetting. The guy in #5 says he basically has an apartment for a storage unit because he never wants to come home because of it. Should I call the manager again or should I call the cops? I just feel so lost as to what I should do. I don't even want to think about how having a kid here would be since I am sure they would never get any sleep.

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