Okay to do with a baby?


Just want some opinions on something I saw this afternoon.

My boyfriend stopped at the liquor store to grab a beer and about the same time he want in, a young couple with a stroller went in. Both mom and dad stopped at the ice cream freezer with the stroller in tow. After a minute dad decided to wonder the store and the mom started to follow, but stopped and went back to the stroller. Instead of grabbing the baby or taking the stroller, she pushed it off to the side, locked the wheels and walked away.

The store isn't huge, but it's not small like gas station stores that only have one or two coolers and a counter. It's probably 2,000sq. I also live in a ghetto area of town, so the customer base at that store is not great.

Just curious if others think this is acceptable or what you would do? I don't typically judge people and what they do/how they do it, but to me, a child is completely different.