Time to just get away

Joanna • married 10.11.12 ttc for 2 years. Emma Rosalie 4.16.17 baby#2 est. 8.8.18

We've been ttc for 8 months and it's been a roller coaster of hope then disappointment..

Went to the doctors this Wednesday to see if anything is wrong with me. Meanwhile I changed my eating habits and started working out now for 3 weeks.. trying to keep my mind off of everything.

Well husband didn't think and shows me that his friend's girlfriend is pregnant. . And I just start balling. I know it's petty and stupid..but seems like almost every day someone I know is pregnant. It'd like well gosh darn it when is it my turn?

I try to stay positve every day thst it's going to happen when it's meant to be but it's hard when seeing everyone else getting their blessing. I try to stay happy for most of them because for all I know they felt this same way too when trying..

Think it's time to just stay off the phone and everything to just get away from it all. Ugh

Sorry just venting and upset and just don't have anyone really to talk to..