So yesterday my boyfriends baby mama messaged him and said "im done with you, you forgot you had a kid, you would rather spend it with your fat bitch girlfriend"

Isabel • Hawaiian/Mexican/Portuguese ❤
Okay, first of all, I'm trying my best to lose weight. I'm not fat I'm just thick. She doesn't know what my body image looks like. She just seen me through the window. She won't let my boyfriend see his kid, because he's with me I guess. Shes always messaging him saying that she loves him & wants him back. He doesn't want to get back with her, because she cheated on him & he knows she will do it again. + she has a man already. My boyfriend and I make 3 months together tomorrow. I don't see why she's complaing about how he forgot about his kid when its her fault he can't see him. He helps out. Watches him when she has nobody else to depend on. Or when she wants something. She goes out all the time makes the baby sitter watch him . he hasn't seen his child in over a 2 month period. My boyfriend is helpful gives her Money when she needs it for the baby. But to sit there and call me a fat bitch? & cuss my boyfriend and all that just pisses me off.