Should I test again?

Meghan • Mrs.Shaw❤️❤️❤️
Okay so I took a pregnant test May 2nd and it was neg then I took another one 2 weeks later and it came up with a very faint and thin 2nd line so I went and got a blood test done on June 1st and it was neg but I'm still having pg signs like the area around my nipples are light to midium brown, my tummy has been hard for a month now, I feel like throwing up but I haven't yet and at the end of May I had some cramping in my lower tummy... I bleed for 2 days in May around the 7th and 8th the I bleed around June 7th to the a 11th... Could it have been late implantin bleeding should I test again... I have a pic of my test that had the faint thin line if anyone wants to see it 
Thanks Meghan