Depo the devil!

Jaimee • :)

Hey guys! So just wanted to kind of share my story and struggle with coming off of depo and trying to conceive. So my last depo shot was September 3, 2014. Was supposed to go back in December but we decided we wanted to try for a baby. Let me just say.. coming off depo is hell! Waiting for those toxins to leave your body going through the withdrawal of it.. Ugggghh!

I had light spotting in February for a few days. March I had light spotting for about a week then it turned into a full blown period for another week. Totally skipped a period in April. In May my period lasted 2 awful, painful, looong weeks. It was probably the most painful period ive ever had, im hoping it was most of the shot leaving my body. And this month it was a very normal period like I use to have before depo. Which I'm hoping is my body finally getting back to normal.

Anyway.. I feel like for me the symptoms of depo leaving my body especially for the first 3 months was hell. It was almost very similar symptoms to being pregnant, which left a very disappointed me when the tests came back negative, I had the nausea, backaches, sore breasts, vomiting, headaches, weird cravings, and mood swings like crazy!!!! My poor husband lol.

But through all of that.. I'm happy that my period came back only 5 months since my last shot back in September. I'm hoping well be able to conceive this month! Were trying it the good old fashion way no tracking or anything like that. Not quite yet anyway. I couldn't imagine waiting a year or longer for a regular period. Or what some of you have to go through. All I can do is wish baby dust to you who wish for it, and strength, health, and happiness.