What is going on?!😩

Has anyone experienced this?! I'm so confused! 
This is our first month ttc (and testing ovulation) since my mc in April. My cycles have been a bit messed up since the mc... 28 days then 33 days - but i'm usually a 28 day exactly kinda gal. 
Anyways.. My period started this month on 5th June and ended on 12th. 
I started testing for ovulation on the 17th like Glow told me.. And i got a dark line but not a positive (wasnt darker than the control line). The next day (18th) the line was lighter. The next day (19th) the line was darker. The next day (20th)..lighter again. And yesterday (21st) there was the faintest line. Today there was no line at all. I'll add pictures to this post so you can see what i mean. 
Sorry i'm rambling but i just wondered if anyone has had this or if anyone knows what it means?
Oh, and to make me even more confused... I had some brown spotting today. Tiniest bit when i wiped. Nothing since. So could that be ovulation bleeding? Implantation bleeding? Please help me!! I'm confused! X