Feeling bullied and stressed

Amy • Pregnant with baby #1. Married since 9/7/2008 to my high school sweetheart. Together for 14 years!
I am currently 21 weeks pregnant and work as a veterinary technician at a animal hospital. I have cut back on the things I do like surgery and radiology and handle huge animals. Just this week I went into the doctor with severe abdominal pain and the fear that my little nugget was not ok. Nugget is still just as perfect as ever but doc said I'm pushing myself to far and need to relax more. With that came more restrictions on the animals I can restrain and the things I can do at work. When I went into work today, after spending two days home resting per doctors orders, my supervisor was all pissed off because I'm limiting the stuff I can do. Also she told me that she has been getting a lot of complaints from co-workers that I'm not doing anything and they are frustrated. I feel like I am being bullied into putting my baby's life at risk because someone doesn't want to have to pick up the slack. I find myself thinking I don't want to restrain this 140 pound dog but if I ask someone else they are gonna get mad. I'm so stressed out about it that I'm worried about harming my baby with stress! I literally go home daily in tears. I don't know what to do!! Any suggestions???