Boyfriend wants to move in but i want to wait to get married


We have been dating for 2 years.

After the first couple months of dating i told him that i wanted to wait to have sex till marriage. He did not believe in that so we agreed to have sex in first 6 month and get married in the first 6 months of living together. Now he asked me if i wanted to move in with him and i said that part of me says no and part of me says yes. He was very upset. Now i am very confuced because its not that i dont love him! I do but i want to get married first. Is that really a lot to ask from a man?. I dont want a big weading or big ring. I just want god to bless us and walk down the isle. Do you girls think i should just break up with him and maybe he will see if im worth marrying.

I know im worth it, there is mp doubt that someone can hate living with me. I have proved it to him. Pleasse help me ladies.

Their is 2 scenerious.

One.. I break up and then he will realized that im worth marrying.

Two.. I break up and by the time he realizes im worth it, it will be tooo late!!..