Move on or wait ?

My boyfriend and I were dating on and off for awhile and recently he moved to Texas. We did the whole flying to see each other trying to keep things as they were when we lived in the same city. We slowly started to drift apart due to work both of us have demanding professions as he owns his own business and travels a lot. 
Things were either more than perfect  or they would be cold as in no communication for months even! I had notion he was married but could never really get a direct response until one day we were visiting and I flat out asked him face to face again as I had done before, his response was that "I was stupid"and "crazy" to even think that .. Well I'm head over heels for this guy but think he's married.. Was I wrong for accusing/asking him this?
Any advice about his response and if I should wait for him? I wanted so bad to marry this guy but just wasn't ready to make the big move just yet.. Is this my fault he disappeared? 😓