Contact lenses question

I know the majority of brands don't suggest wearing contacts during sleep... But as a mother, student, and caretaker of my parents (as well as both households and pets) it happens. My issue is, it's like my eyes turn into acid.. And lord be with me if I fall asleep with my contacts in AND makeup on. Anybody else have this issue? Some of my friends who are also legally blind say they don't have that problem unless they leave their contacts in for a week 😤 just one night will ruin a fresh pair. They're expensive, so I can't reorder every time I have an accident. The pair I'm wearing now was brand new until I fell asleep with them in, and the left one is blurry and is shifting around on my eye. I'm waiting for the new pair to be ordered... I just want to know why this happens. The people at Walmart vision center just say "that shouldn't happen"... 😐 nothing more. I just want to know if anybody else has acidic mutant eyes like I do? 😁