So I was in a relationship with a guy and his wife, lik polygamy but not really! She got really jealous and wouldn't let or want me and him to do anything together! She caused a lot of fights! And she was the one that wanted that type of relationship! He began to become more controlling and obsessive and paranoid after I moved in with them! He always thought I was cheating which she would put into his mind! I started to get really annoyed with it all. And when we found out I was pregnant I also found out I contracted something from a previous partner and he got upset of course and I apologized but I don't show my feelings very well which he knew and accused me of not being humble. A month or so later  test results showed another thing I had contracted which could have taken longer to show up, but he accused me of cheating yet again! We had even more fights and I just couldn't take all the controlling and the paranoia and obsessiveness and all her butting in to things that had nothing to do with his wife! So I left! The day I left she tried to kill herself to stop me from leaving and for attention and he was lying on the floor puking because he had drank too much, I stayed until his mother and friend showed up! He told me he wanted to be with me and said he would divorce her! He kept saying it and taking it back which hurt! Finally she filed for the divorce but he told me he didn't know if he would sign it because I left him lying in the floor and alone with his kids but I couldn't stay there and be suckered back into staying in a relationship that wasn't safe for me or my child. His wife was crazy and psycho and actually hit me while I was pregnant! And recently the day I found out what I was having he tells me he doesn't want to be with me because I hurt him too much when I left and I lied too much and I wouldn't stop hanging with my friends especially my guy ones cause he said so. He also said he didn't want to be a weekend daddy so he didn't want to be in our child's life! What an idiot right! He can't just leave and expect nothing to happen! He has a responsibility to this child whether he wants to be in her life or not! He needs to get rid of his selfishness and think of this child! Doing this shows me that he never loved me or was never happy about us having a kid or else he would want to be in her life no matter what! All I need now is a cheap attorney!