Kelsey • Twins born March ‘16💗Baby girl born May ‘18

Has anyone felt like AF was coming and turned out to be pregnant instead? Example: unable to focus, exhausted, achy, cramps in pelvic area (not super painful just annoying), headache, extra hungry but food doesn't seem desirable), etc. I thought AF was going to start Monday, and it didn't happen. Then I had more cramping yesterday with some slight cramping in my lower back and thought SURELY TODAY IS THE DAY. Wrong. All day today I've thought today would be the day. Bloated, moderate cramping, stomach issues, etc. I'm not even spotting! A small part of me is hoping for to finally have a BFP this weekend, but the rational side of me just thinks AF is playing with me. So confused! 😟

Maybe I'm just crazy? 🙊