Kathie • Im a mother pf two, 12, son and 10, daughter. I was pregnant in October and had a MC in January. This is my 2nd active month hoping for a healthy pregnancy!

I have been checking when I'm going to ovulate as I'm TTC since March after a miscarriage in January. I started using Clear Blue Easy Digital ovulation tests. Last month I had a clear solid smileface indicating my peak ovulation. This month I have been checking since the 3rd and every day I have been getting a blinking smileface which indicates high ovulation. I have not gotten my peak yet and I don't have EWCM anymore. I check my tests once I pop it out and my test line is almost not there this morning after the past couple days they were pretty dark.

Did I not ovulate this month? If not why would this happen? Why would a woman not ovulate?