Confused about cm?!?!?!?!

OK ladies I never even heard of cm until I started this app... so now that I know what it is and I check it often because of glow and I wonder is it normal to not have any unless u r ovulating? Because there's no option for "none" but the only time I see cm is when it's egg white like in texture and there's usually alot of it (for one day) and then it's gone....does that mean that the day I go to wipe and I see it is the day I need to bd cuz I'm ovulating? Or does it mean that I'm going to ovulate in the next few days?.....also I just had an Mc in june (13th) glow predicted that ide be ovulating this past Thursday until today....Friday I had that same egg white cm (but it was brownish red in color)....I was under the impression that I may not ovulate at first right after the mc and I can't try again til august anyway so I ignored it I just want to know what to look for next month