lamictal (lamotrigine)

My doc and I had lowered my dosage down to 100 mg which isn't very much for this medicine. Now I am tapering off of it completely because I am TTC. I am angrier than hell and have irritability like no other. I am still on my depression med Wellbutrin because my doctor said it is safer while pregnant. However we also lowered the dosage on that to 150. I may or may not increase it again. We haven't decided. I strongly feel that being off of lamotrigine for just a few days is making me feel worse than I did before I even started taking it. I've read online that anger is the biggest withdrawal symptom and man are they right. Now I don't even know if my mental health issues are legitimate anymore because these medicines are messing with my head. Has anyone else ever experienced this?! What happened and what did you do?