Just a mil rant

SO I have this wonderful hubby fantastic father in law & his wife is like my favorite person lol. Then there is my mother in law.... She has tried to break my hubby and I up from day one! She even threatened to come to our wedding just to say "I object"!!! The reason she doesn't like me is because I'm the reason my hubby rekindled with his father after 7 years! They now have a remarkable relationship and he's so happy to be talking to his father again. Now that my MIL knows that I'm pregnant she's trying to be all nice! And she sent me this long apologizing letter and at the end added "no matter what you think of me this is my grandchild and you shouldn't keep him/her away from me" what nerve !! My hubby is being really supportive and understanding on why I still want nothing to do with her. But am I wrong ??