In laws are driving me crazy

Mayra • 🌻☀️🍕
I live w my in laws. Because I am 36 weeks pregnant. My bfs parents want everything their way and come into boyfriends and my room to go through drawers to see if we are going anything "bad". My MIL is so nosey and my FIL has a temper problem and everytime he gets mad he says really messed up stuff. They leave to Florida every couple months bc they have a business. I am stuck w my bf who is 25 and his brother who is 24. His brother doesn't help at all. We clean all his mess. He is always being rude to me. His parents told me to be nice to him and cook for him and clean. Which I do. But I can't ask him to do anything bc he gets butt hurt. I am so tired of being here. All my bf says is that he's always in the middle. I feel like I have no control over my life in this house... And if I go back home to my parents, I feel like my bf will be too busy helping his parents with everything and I mean he does everything for them. That he won't even wanna drive 30 min to be with me or the baby. I feel so depressed. I pretend I'm happy, this is barely the beginning since my bf doesn't wanna save money and move to an apartment bc his dad says it's a waste of money when we can be saving for a house. I can't live here for another 10 years just bc my bf would understand. I just feel so helpless. He says he loves me but his family is no help at all. Idk what to do.