Do men Really fall in "Love"?

I've been wondering recently, does my man really LOvE me the way I do him? 
Generally speaking, i never got attracted to any guy because of sexual chemistry. Sex came as an after thought in most of my relationships and was never a reason to continue or discontinue the relationship. 
Recently i fell in live with the man I'm soon to marry and while our relationship has its own ups and downs, generally the sex ia very good :)
But some occurnaces amongst us have made me realize thAt he maybe wanting something more in bed that I'm able to offer as of now. Not that it has lessened his feelings or affection towards me.
And it got me thinking, is Sex the only real motivator for him to be with me? Maube not explicitly but implicitly, but is sec the only driver for men to be in a long termsteady relationship? I dunno if im mixing things up, but what is your opinion/thought/experience in this matter?