Does she regret it or questions life decisions?

So I'm friends with this girl on Facebook. I went to school with her and she was very kind. Well she just had her 3rd kid. Different dad's all of them. She always complains about the baby daddy's never being there. Then complains about not having free time because of kids.

As a person looking from the outside I can't help but wonder did you even consider maybe hopping on birth control or maybe dating the guy for more then one night. I don't care if people have one night stands but u would think maybe birth control would be a knowledgeable thing to have. What are the chances of finding 3 guys in a row that get you knocked up in a span of 3 years? Apparently very common.

I'm curious to know people's thoughts. This is a controversy topic. I am not narrow minded I simply wonder if maybe she could of just waited cause her life wasnet really simple before baby number 2. Wonder if 4th times a charm??