Nervous telling people the good news.

I am 6w4d today, I found out 4w1d with a hpt and confirmed with he Dr via urine test. I haven't told anyone but my husband and his parents, since he was with them when I found out. We are waiting to tell my daughter until the 2nd trimester, which will be close to her birthday. My best friend recently had a MC at 6 weeks, and I haven't told her the news. My own mother hasn't been told, since I wanted to hear the heartbeat at my next Dr appointment. I'm not posting anything on social media until later into the 2nd trimester.

Everyone has their own reasons why they share the news when they do, I'm trying to be considerate and cautious. With my daughter, I didn't tell anyone until I was 13 weeks pregnant. It's all so scary and exciting. I'm bringing in new life, which is beautiful.