Please no judgement

Okay so I am a single mother to a beautiful little girl. I have had a lot of insecurities before I lost all my weight and now I am starting to feel happy again. I haven't been working and finished a course in March. I've been applying for jobs everyday and still nothing. So I decided to take another course as a medical office receptionist in hopes this will help me finally find a stable career. Anyways, I have a date with a good friend of mine who I have always been attracted to and I know he's had feelings for me too but he was engaged and they recently broke up. He's extremely sweet to me and we plan on getting intimate this weekend. It just so happens that my fertile week is this weekend and I wouldn't be completely against getting pregnant again. I told myself no more babies until I am married and know that I'll be with my babies dad forever but I just have this feeling with him. Writing this out sounds so stupid and juvenile but I want to give my daughter a sibling. Please no hatred and if you don't have anything decent to say then don't say anything!