My best friend

    I have a best friend who got pregnant right after I did. She has been with the same guy off and on for 5 years, since we were in HS. He is about four years older then her, he always abused her and one day he bit her eyebrow half off at a bus stop and the cops were called (not by her) and he was charged and was in jail for a little less then a year, she dated and talked to other guys the whole time and then come to find out she was writing him and with him the entire time, she said she didn't tell me because she didn't want to disappoint me. We got past that. So they moved together again when he got out, then I get multiple phone calls to help her because he threw her out in her panties or he dragged her by her her locked her in the closet with ductape on her mouth once. So they "broke up". She always runs back to her parents who are very against this guy but guess what she starts talking to him again and gets pregnant... So her parents kicked her out. Which I 100% understand why. So she goes and moves with him and his family and he supposedly is taking care of her and he has a job now. She sits on her ass all day and I told her she needs to get a job, get WIC and food stamps Medicaid what ever, save up and get her own place instead of depending on a BOY or her parents. This has been non stop and there is so much more to this story. She always calls me crying and then all of a sudden is back with this 5 foot scrawny piece of crap person who can't keep a job. Can somebody help me understand this? I want to shake the hell out of her I've never met someone so naive. I love and care about her so much , but all I can do is listen to her and give her advice she never takes. I've even thought about calling the cops on him myself because I have a picture she sent me of a bruise he gave her. I just don't know how to handle this anymore fuck it's been 5 years with her drama. But I worry if I stop talking to her what if he hurts or kills her. I went off on her when she got pregnant, seriously reading news articles of men killing/ beating babies. 😓😤😤😤😤  so can someone please help me understand because I really want to.