Almost perfect with BC- still nervous?

So I'm 17 and sexually active with my boyfriend of a year. I'm on Amethia (which I believe is the generic version of Seasonique- the 3 month pill pack). This cycle I haven't been off time with a pill except for varying an hour or two and my boyfriend always pulls out because of too much risk with us being too young to have a baby. I'm six and a half weeks into my cycle and 32 days from my period. Lately I've been very bloated and very emotional and we're both being very nervous. We may be overreacting because the chances are so small... But could I be pregnant? I'm not on any antibiotics except Clindamycin Phosphate which is a topical for acne applied twice daily and I know that a little gets absorbed into my bloodstream.... Could that be anough antibiotic to mess with my birth control to get me pregnant? I guess what I just need is some opinions to ease my mind so please feel free to voice your opinion.