Getting close!!!

Saima • 32 year old mommy to three great boys! Step son Vladi (9.19.09), Eddie (10.23.13) and newest addition Ozzie (7.31.15)!
Based of LMP I am 35+1, but baby has consistently measured ahead by 1 week (and this matches more closely with the ONLY time for conception that cycle). Been having plug break apart for two weeks, contractions getting stronger and more noticeable over last several days, joints loosening, increased back pain, and very loose stools the last three days. Had my check up today, am 2cm and head is very low. I am anxious as baby will be early, but sooooo ready to be done and holding this nugget. I know it could still be weeks (I was at 4cm for two weeks with my first, had him at 38 weeks), but find myself hoping these contractions start regulating and it's baby time!