1st month fail

I write this knowing how pathetic and impatient I am but with no one to talk to that understands right now I hope you guys may be sympathetic. I came off birth control in May and waited the 6 weeks before i finally got a period before trying to concieve. Having learnt heaps from you guys I charted my temp, took opks and did A lot of bding. We even used preseed. I was taking preg tests every day from 7dpo even though I knew it was too early. I was looking forward to finally getting to 12dpo so I could actually test properly. What I didn't expect was that at 10dpo af to arrive. I just didn't think she would come early! It hadn't crossed my mind. I was fully prepared that this month wouldn't be our month (I know I am not that lucky) but the shock of af coming 4 days early has broken my heart. This means my luteal phase is short at ten days. Does this mean I have no chance of ever conceiving or do you think that it may have been short because of coming off bc only 2 months ago? Sorry for the long post. Please, any thoughts or comments welcome, even if you tell me to stop being a impatient cow. Thanks in advance