my little miracle baby:)

This is Cyrus Charles Irving:) we had him at 40 weeks 4 days. I had some terrifying dreams he was stillborn and panicked. on July 3 i called the specialists office and requested a c section even though I was planning a vbac. The doctor called me Sunday night and told me to go to the hospital the next morning. He checked me and agreed to do a section even though the non stress tests showed the baby was fine and there was no medical reason. We waited 10 hours and the doctor fit us in after a busy day of surgeries. After extracting our little boy he told me it was good I listened to my instincts because another day would've been too late. The cord was dry, he had no fluid left around him, and he had meconium. The doc said not much longer and he would've gone into fetal distress. He was 6.5 lb at his 38 week ultrasound and was fine, but I'd had my membranes stripped at the appointment. The doctor and nurses felt that my water must've broken however I didn't realize it. I did have blood and vaginal discharge but didn't have leaking, just extra pressure when I urinated. He was only 6 lb 8 oz when he was born which meant he quit growing at 38 weeks. Thankfully due to someone looking out for him, he is completely healthy and we went home after only 2 nights in the hospital:) we named him Cyrus Charles Irving, . Irving is after his guardian angel. Cyrus was born on his birthday, July 6. 
Interestingly, we didn't know the sex of him, but in all the dreams he was a boy. And I had a good dream where we had a c section and he was fine. When he came out he looked exactly like in my good dream. Also I felt that if we carried him to July 7 he wouldn't  make it. Our last baby who we miscarried was due July 7. I felt these were all signs that I needed to take action immediately, and if I was wrong at least we had our rainbow baby. Better safe than sorry. I'm not a religious person but this makes me believe there was divine intervention. And to always, as a mother, to trust our instincts and not second guess ourselves. Many babies may be born early or late, doesn't mean there is anything wrong. My twins were born at 32 weeks, after their water broke at 29 weeks., I never worried about them and knew they would be fine. My other boy was born at 38 weeks via c section because he was breech. I was very confident he would be fine. This time I had my first full 40 week pregnancy, it was my healthiest and most " normal" but I developed severe anxiety after his 38 week appointment. The dreams had started and I was severely fatigued. Also I noticed that there wasn't much cushioning around the baby and though his kick counts were " normal" his movements had changed.