Birthday blues

🎀SenecaDaun • Pregnant with baby girl number two. Stay at home mom. USAF wife 👮🏼🎀🇺🇸
Ok so yesterday was my birthday and I was in the process of making myself cupcakes the night before with my daughter. fun!!  My husband comes in and stops me because "he's got it all planned out" sweet!! 
So at 430am he wakes me up with my 3 year old who he also woke up to sing me happy birthday and give me a candle stuck in a doughnut. Then he goes to work. So now my 3 year old is wide awake... And she doesn't nap anymore. So she was a terror all day. He comes home and I start dinner... I ask him. Sooo what about my cake??? He turns and points to the box of doughnuts!!!!!
Are you serious!?! So now I've been up since 430 , I didn't even get to sleep in on my birthday and I was up peeing all night ,my daughters been a terror all day, I'm normal exhausted onto of waking up so early exhausted, and now you're telling me there is no cake??? Why did you stop me from making cupcakes the night before!?! So I broke down... I cried on my 28th birthday over cake!! 😂 oh man. So I guess I'm asking. Am I being hormonal or is crying over birthday cake acceptable and he was being a jerk?