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The word "bigotry" gets thrown around often and most of the time is misused. Most recently, with gay marriage. 
By definition - 
You are NOT a bigot if you disagree with the idea of gay marriage! 
There are two parts to be defined a bigot. Firstly one must show hatred towards a group of people. Not agreeing with marriage is different then hatred. People who disagree with the idea of marriage as a whole are not bigots unless they hate people who get married. Likewise, people who disagree with gay marriage are only bigots, by definition, if they HATE gay persons.
The other part of bigotry deals with intolerance of opinions, not persons. Unless I missed something major, people who are gay are not opinions- they are people. 
You are actually displaying bigotry by NOT accepting people's opinions who disagree with gay marriage. Quite ironic, actually. 
Please STOP using definitions to prove points when the definition you are referring to is more of an "urban dictionary" use of the word. 
Just to clarify: denying rights of others IS being bigoted. That is showing intolerance and in essence hatred by not giving others rights. 
Simply disagreeing with the idea of gay marriage, but acknowledging gay persons have the right to be married, is not bigotry.