If you had to pick a natural disaster...

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This isn't necessarily a "controversial" topic but I'm not sure where else to post it and thought it would be a nice break from all the typical debates here...
We've been talking about possibly moving from California to Hawaii lately because my husband may have a great job offer there. My immediate thought though was "yeah, but could we handle hurricanes or goodness forbid a volcanic eruption?!" 
Kind of silly I know, but hubby and I are both native Angelenos born and raised in Los Angeles along the famous San Andreas fault line. We can handle an earthquake no problem but I really don't know how we'd handle a different natural disaster! I feel you get used to whatever may come your way where you live but could you handle a different situation? For example, my grandparents were raised in Texas along "tornado alley" and despite living here 50+ years my grandmother still totally freaks out during even the smallest earthquake! Her typical reaction is to take off running, that whole fight or flight deal 😂
So which disaster do you think you could handle the best?

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