Teenage love

I find it insulting how people can tell a teenager 'you are too young to know what lover is' or 'you don't know how to love'. It's idiotic to say and it hurts. It's people judging teenagers on how much they know about emotion and how much they are capable of loving. I'll have you know that many teenagers out there have been through a hell of a lot (myself included). Lots of us are emotionally experienced in all sorts of ways. The only thing that could label a teenager as being too immature to love is their age, but if they have been through as much as an adult, been through just as much breaking, hurting, crying, laughing, happiness, death, parting, aching and sadness, and have yet still managed to grow, are they still just as emotionally immature as they are made out to be? 
Im sorry. Rant over. Feel free to comment😊