Might be silly- but I'm worried & need some reassurance!

Hey girls, I am currently 6w5d! I experienced a chemical pregnancy the cycle before this one- I didn't have an actual period between that loss and this new pregnancy! Anyways, I don't have an US until the 17th of July so every day I just pray that my baby is growing inside me. 
I feel crazy, like I need to keep checking if I'm pregnant, so I've literally peed on a million sticks, every few days to compare. This is a test from June 30: 
Then here is a test from today: 
Both obviously positive BUT should I even be concerned that the test lines didn't soak up all the color from the control like the test on the 30th did? 
I just need to have my US already so I can see this lil one growing inside me...any thoughts? Thank you!