What is your opinions on #dontjudgechallenge?

Latasha • PCOS, 4 years infertility, never been pregnant, married, we just started IUI's.

I honestly don't understand why so many people are getting so mad about it. Everyone has zits and we all have hair in unwanted place. People just buy stuff to get rid of it. And though some cases are more severe yes. I think the people doing the videos aren't hurting people's feelings. I honestly think people are being being to sensitive. It's a video. I laugh at family guy all the time. Does that mean I'm disgracing chickens? Fat people? Or anything else in the world?

People made the challenge to make a point and if you can't cover the camera and come out looking like a model well that's okay. I can't either. Mine must be broken. Or they got ready in the jets family bathroom. If so I want to vacation there. The challenge is harmless. You have a choice to make yourself look good or better. Makeup is my creativity on my face and for people to call other people ugly because they wear it is ridiculous. I learned how to do my make up since I was 12. It's not that I'm insecure. Some time I like to look hotter. What's the problem?