So my mom already has 3 grandkids. My baby will be #4. With all her other gradkids she bought stuff immediately and with her last bought everything he needed. I'm having the first girl and she says she won't buy anything til she gets here(clothing) and isn't even willing to spend 220 on a stroller/carseat combo and that'd the only thing I asked her to get. My SO mom is purchasing a crib that's almost $200 more. I have a bunch of clothes already from his mom and sis but don't have the major necessities. It wouldn't really bother me as much but I ended up losing my job a while back and my SO income pays all our bills. I don't know how to feel right now!!! I honestly feel worthless cause I can't afford to buy anything and haven't gotten hired anywhere and have been looking for work since feb/march. I am always down because of this and due to the fact I'm home 24/7 I can't seem to not think about it and feel useless!!! I don't know what to do!!!!