Update on Baby George! πŸ’™

Amy β€’ George Westlake, born July 10. Weight: 6lbs 9ozs. He is perfect! Now for the next part of this amazing journey.. πŸŒ»πŸ’™
Hello ladies.
I posted a few frantic and excited posts yesterday! Just hear to give an update. My waters have broke but not fully in one go, so I'm still loosing water throughout. My midwife could see the tip of my cervix & Ive been in early labour now for 16 hours, im not in unbareable pain at all and it's much better than I thought it would be! contractions are strong & ive been told they're at there peak strength but they need to be a little closer together before baby will be here! Two midwifes have asked me if ive done this before because of how well I am coping & they can't believe it when I say no! Honestly it's the Breathing through them which actually helps so much! So far ive just had basic pain relief at 14 hours; paracetamol, codine and oral morphine. One dose. I can't explain how much this has helped just make them a little easier, after 14 hours I deserve something haha! I'm at home, I haven't been admitted just yet despite 4 trips last night but to be honest im doing so much better than I thought I would & im very proud of myself! the most exciting part is that our baby boy will 100% be here today as when I go up about 11-12 I'll be admitted and if he hasn't come by 3:30 I am booked in to be induced! I hope I can have him naturally and every one including my doctor and midwife think that I will! So rather than July 22nd our boys birthday is today! July 10th 2015! So excited to get things moving in the next step of this wonderful process hehe! Will keep updates coming when I can, hopefully the next one will be me showing off our little boy! πŸ™ˆ
I hope all of you ladies are doing well! All the Best! ☺️🌻