Scared rant !!

I'm 17 years old and 36 weeks and 6 days pregnant which means only 22 more days and I'm scared shitless, I had a rough beginning with my pregnancy and made myself believe that I could do it on my own and that made me so happy, but now that time is getting closer and even thou I have my boyfriend around again I'm scared shitless of having a baby, I'm not scared of having him and going into labor or anything but I'm scared of being a mom and having someone need so much of me, I mean he is a baby he's not like any other pet that needs love and affection and food and for you to take care of them he's a little baby a little unique individual that needs so much😞😞 don't get me wrong I'm not regretting keeping my baby I'm just afraid I won't know what to do or won't do things right..