Help!! TMI

Victoria • I`m a 32 year old married woman! I`ve been with my hubby for 8 years and we have a beautiful 2 year old little girl and a newborn rainbow baby!
Ok, I'm supposed to be starting AF on Monday or around, but for the last week I've been bloated and gassy and just all around yucky. I know I shouldn't get excited about this because I feel like it could be all in preparation for my AF. 
I've been tracking my bbt and it's been all over the place in my opinion but steady rising all week! Like higher than the week I was ovulating. Anyway. Last night I was laying in bed and I got a pretty AF like cramp, but it only lasted like a minute if that. I went to the bathroom and wiped cm and blood. 
I've been getting very very light brown discharge for a day or so before. Tuesday I wiped once and thought it was slightly pinkish in color, Wednesday was only once first thing in the morning and it was brown and then all day yesterday was very little bits of brown nothing big until last night when I had that cramp and it was red in color. I assumed it was just AF even though it's four days early. No more cramps though and now it's the morning and I'm not bleeding. Just a little brown discharge and my bbt is at 98.8 which is much higher than normal. I thought it was supposed to drop during your AF...
I felt sick this morning around 4 am and had to get up and go to the bathroom...but I went back to bed. What's going on!? Am I just losing my mind and it's actually AF!?