MIL and Sisters in law

Nel • Mom of a 3 yr old and trying to have another one :)
Hello ladies, I'm 34 wks and baby's arrival is very soon, this is my first baby and I am so excited to hold her in my arms. My mother in law came to visit for 6 moths she left in May and it wasn't very easy for me to have her that long, she and I have some differences and my husband knows it, she made me feel like I wasn't a nice person  because I'm very private and I also like to do things my way, during my pregnancy I was very tense I feel like I didn't get the chance to enjoy and have some husband and wife time, so now that she's gone she's planning on coming back for the baby  but I don't think it's a good idea, my sisters in law are kinda putting pressure on my husband to say yes and send her back here with us. We spoke about the subject and I explained to him why I don't think it's a good a idea for his mother to come just yet, lets begin with she was visiting for six months and she just left  in May, so it's been 2 months, I told him I need my space and I want to feel relax and calm for our baby I also told him that his mom and I don't really get along that well and that will make me feel very uncomfortable, I'm a first time mom and I don't know how I'm going to react after labor. I want to enjoy my baby and my husband as much as I can but his family is kinda pushy !! My MIL is Mexican so you can guess how she is.