Miracle elixir!

Ok maybe not "miracle," but this stuff is AMAZING so I thought I'd share. 
Once I became pregnant, I began experiencing a LOT of hormonal changes. Right along with hair loss (yes I talked to my DR, and it's not very common, but it happens. Luckily I have more than enough to spare!) my skin became insanely dry. Like, scratching myself to the point of bleeding even after consistant adequate hydradration and lotion. And as we all know, dry skin is a great way to produce lots of stretch marks. 
I tried other things, lotions with aloe, BioOil is great but expensive for full body use, and it doesn't help my hair situation, different diet. Nothing seemed either useful or practical. 
Idk how new this product is, but I just found it and have been using it once daily for about a week and a half. My (pregnancy) life is forever changed!