Really need help! Pregnant and in bed relationship!

Char🔥 • James Riley 09/09/2016 my only baby!😻
Right so basically I'm pregnant and I really don't want to be with my partner anymore! I don't love him he's really not what I want and I've came to see that over the past few weeks! He leaves me indoors all the time alone I have anxiety and he knows I can't go out alone... He made me move somewhere where I don't know anyone or my way around so I do expect him to be here and support me but he's always out... He blames everything on me... I'm not going to go into detail with everything I just need to get out off this relationship because of stress, he's not abusive just can't be with him anymore... I want to just get up and leave but he controls all our money and I don't work so I have no income my family won't talk to me due to me choosing him over them (silly I know) if I get up and go I'm scared he will call social services on me and I get my baby taken of my when it's born, im a good mum I've never been involved with social but this is my first child and I don't want anything happening! Is there anyway I can escape this relationship because he really won't let me leave! Will there be a risk I lose my baby because I just got up and left without telling him?!?!?! Please help!