Moving in together too young?

I really need some opinions from older women who have been there done that. We've been together 3yrs on the 19th, I am 18 just graduated high school my boyfriend is 19 works construction has his own skidloader buissness and make $90 an hour. He wants me to move into his apartment over top his parents garage. Its beautiful everything is high tec its better than the house i live in now. To put it in perspective his parents house is appraised at almost a million dollars. I barely make ends meet. I want to move in but I feel so out of place there like I am walking on eggshells. He really really wants me to move in but I am beyond scared and worried. He is kind of controlling he always has to know where I am at and who I am with. I can't have any male friends whatsoever. And im kind of okay with that. But I was wondering if maybe I should just get another job around here and wait it out a little while longer. He lives an hour and a half away but I live over there on the weekends basically. Should I move there? I cried for an hour last night at the thought of it. I feel so stupid. I love him I truely do. But I don't want to make a big mistake. I just need some advice please.