Endomitriosis and babies

Hey ladies! This is my first post and I would first like to say how excited I am to have a community of women who can share our experiences and encourage one another. Here's my question. Are there any of you who have endomitriosis and had trouble getting pregnant buy later ended up having a baby. I was diagnosed 4 years ago right after I got married and I never had any of the classic endomitriosis symptoms. They weren't even sure until I had 2 large cyst removed from my ovaries that it was for sure endomitriosis. Since then they have found fibroids and another 3cm cyst my ovary. And I have yet to get pregnant. To be honest we haven't tried consistently and I was on BC for almost 2 yrs. But what I really need is to hear some inspirational ENDO baby stories. And anyone who struggled and ended up with a bundle of joy. Thanks guys in advance . God bless