New age Poly/Open Relationships

🍀Karma🍀 • Small town woman and mother of 3. Pagan Witch. Bi Poly.

Are not like the unhealthy Polygamy relationships that happen with Jeff Warren and his followers.

It is not forced.

It is not abusing underage girls.

It's not arranged marriage.

It is all consensual with adults.

It's not automatically 1 man and multiple women, but it can be and that's ok. And it's not men using women, but it an agreement between the couple/couples.

Also it's not unnatural, these types of relationships happen in the animal kingdom all the time.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer them the best I can. Also any other couples in an Poly/Open relationship, feel free to respond as well.

(Figured I'd carry this over from CC)