Would you get in the car?

I saw another "funny" video in my feed today of a guy asking a woman if she'd like a ride in "his" fancy car and then when she says yes, he walks past it and gets in a common/rough car near the fancy one. The woman then always proceeds to walk past the guy and other car in a shameful looking, but hilarious, attempt to play dumb.

I can't understand why anyone would get into a car with a random person off the street at all. I feel like you're so obviously endangering yourself that I can't expect these videos to be real.

So, if some stranger asked you if you wanted to ride with them in some expensive looking car (think Lamborghini or Ferrari, if you've never seen a video like this) would you agree to get in it?

Bonus questions: what if the guy was attractive? What about a normal vehicle? If you said you'd get in the car, how dangerous do you think the situation is? (Real question)

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