Persistent pelvic and lower abdomen pain, normal?

Since yesterday morning my abdomen has been hurting so bad, it feels like it gets so hard and then a sharp pain. Even my back around the middle hurts now too, i been in bed all day and my heart is beating faster than usual, get chills. My lower back hurts soooo bad all the way to my butt, it kind of feels like i need to use the restroom but i don't. It hurts when i move around the tailbone i feel like my back is going to split if i move too harshly, i do not feel like doing a thing. I looked for nurse lines but none of the hospitals around here have them and i just cant get a call back from a regular dr. Im honestly kind of scared. This is my second and the feeling on my butt that feels like i have to poop feels like the one you get when you give birth (feeling on your butt) i am 15 weeks and 2 days