I Need To Vent

Been home all day by myself bored. i always go to my bf house to see him with no problem so today i call the bf to come over he says ok since earlier because i need a break i just wanted him to come my way for once. seened him twice driving around our area and he doesnt call to tell me hes here so i go thru family shit and i see him and he asks me whats wrong so im ready to tell him but then he tells me to tell him wen he gets back so im like fine np. i see him the second time mind you im still waiting to see him and its 830 already and he has his boy, brother, and brothers girl in the car and they got a bottle and shit he says. then has the balls to ask me to go with him to his house and im askin him like yo where do you expect me to fit and hes telling me to go in the back of the car mind you theres no leg room at all. i have not been so aggervaited like all i could do was actually cry just for the simple fact that its keeping me from punching the shit out of a wall and spazzing on the wrong person.