PCOS Early Pregnancy Symptoms

For those of you who successfully got pregnant while living with PCOS, what were the first things you experienced? I can't tell if my 3 days late period is just due to stress (I am pretty regular but it shifts if I'm stressed) or not. I am TTC and had sex during my peak fertility time/ovulation and my symptoms are runny/stuffy nose, heavy breasts, no appetite, tired, bloating. My mother has PCOS too and she didn't really feel different at first when she conceived me. In fact, she never had a positive home pregnancy test - even her blood and urine tests at the doctor's came back negative. She only knew for sure when I kicked her at 5 months along!

Thanks for your help!

UPDATE: I wasn't pregnant when I posted this, but I did get pregnant 4 months later with this lil angel baby! ❤ I had no real symptoms to speak of and my periods were irregular so I had no clue - went for my annual pap smear and they always ask for a urine sample.... but that time it came back positive! 😊 Baby dust to everyone who has stumbled across this post. If it happened for me and my PCOS it can happen for you!