Is it bad that I'm a little jealous? 😩

My brothers girlfriend was due exactly 3 weeks after me (I'm 34 weeks, she was 31) and she gave birth to their adorable little boy today. Everything went well for her and the baby is doing great. He was 4 pounds and 18 inches long.  They are going to keep him for about 2 weeks to make sure his lungs are developed enough but other than that he's great. I'm soooo excited for them but I'm kind of jealous to be honest that they got to meet their baby first. 😩😩
EDIT: I'd like to add that I'm not jealous that they have a premature baby. And I don't mean it in a mean way when I say I'm jealous. I just mean that I'm excited and wish I could hurry up and meet my little one.