My aunt (through marriage) really grinds my gears.

Scarlett • 22

My uncle married a womam 7 years ago. There is something there that my uncle sees that I CLEARLY do not. I feel it's my business when someone treats my family like shit, pardon my language.

He bought her a wedding ring, a huge, expensive, massive wedding ring but she hates it and never wears it for thar reason. Really? He bought her diamond earrings the other day and guess what she said? "These aren't big enough." She took them back and bought bigger ones. She was telling me about this like I would I really want you out of my house instead of you babbling about how you're not happy with anything.

When I invited them out to the lake, her, my uncle and their two young boys came out. I took the little boys to the dock and they had so much fun when the dock would move, it was the coolest thing to them. One boy got his shoes wet and she flipped out. They drove 2 hours to get there and she insisted they had to go home right away because his shoes were wet, NOT EVEN KIDDING. There 3 and 6 years old, THEY'RE GOING TO GET DIRTY!! And what shoes are that important that you can't get them wet? Diamond shoes? Jordans? What shoes?!

She's such a princess I couldn't handle it if I were him (my uncle). He's a trooper.

Cheese and rice she's gets on my nerves but for the sake of my uncle and my cousins I bite my tongue and instead rant on here. I can't handle it much longer.